Peter Hollobon & Bruce Osborn the "Artists"

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Peter Hollobon

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Both Peter and Bruce found they had a love for beautiful natural timbers when they were at school, which followed them through their chosen career paths in the construction industry.

Over twenty years ago they became neighbours, their friendship naturally  grew through realising their shared interest in working with natural, native timbers. The many and varied colours and textures of these native timbers progressively leant themselves towards sculpting and carving, in order to bring out the individual 'heart essence' of wood.


A lot of wood they use is recycled South Island Totara, sourced from the aftermath of the  2011 Christchurch earthquakesThey also use New Zealand Kauri and Swamp Kauri wood from Northland to create other artworks.

Salem Barker, a North American sculptor, has been (and still is) a huge inspiration for Peter and Bruce's art, to a point that in 2019 Peter travelled to Illinois to meet with Salem. Peter spent invaluable  time with Salem in his studio workshop gathering methods and methodology to enhance his and Bruce's sculpturing future.  From him, they have learned invaluable techniques and mastery in their crafting of beautiful sculptures and carvings. 


They find great inspiration from nature, the weather and the Canterbury environment in general


All of Bruce and Peter's sculptures are one-of-a-kind and are mainly handmade. The intricate shapes and beautiful finishing's are assisted by handheld, electric power tools, air tools and hours of meticulous sanding.

The Sculptures can have water-resistant finish applied for increased durability, if required.


Although some of the pieces may look similar, each sculpture or carving always has its own, individual character. In some cases Peter and Bruce have worked with theses aspects, to create a series of artworks. But just like the wood itself, there are subtle differences in every sculpture or carving created.

By developing Kaimahi Toi NZ, Bruce and Peter are now able to share their incredible talents and workmanship with you, through their stunning and unique sculptures and carvings. 

Theirs is truly Art from the Heart.

Bruce Osborn